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Club location: Blackwater Bluff Shooting Complex, Capricorn Highway, 2km west of Bluff
Club shoots on the 4th Sunday of the month
Contact: Vere Storch P.O Box 147 Blackwater 4717
Phone 07 4986 1009 B/H - 07 4982 6279 A/H
Camping - Power & Water - Hot Showers & Toilets
2018 Shoot Programs
January: No Shoot
February: 28th 9.00am - Contact Club
March: 25th Skeet & Trap 9.00am
April: 22nd Skeet & Trap 9.00am
May: 27th Skeet & Trap Practice 9.00am
June: 24th: Skeet & Trap 9.00am
July: 22nd Practice 9.00am
August: 26th Skeet & Trap 9.00am
September: 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th
QLD State Skeet Carnival
October: Practise - Contact Club
November: 24th & 25th 9.00am
Annual Two Day Trap Carnival
December: Practise - Contact Club.
Many Thanks to CHRC
Central Highlands Regional Council
for the Government Grant
Blackwater Facebook Page
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2014 Photos
Pre-State Skeet Multi Gauge Results 13th & 14th September 2018
Hot and Sunny Balmy 27 deg 45 Shooters
50T Skeet Multi Gauge 20g Championship; O/A: 1st Antony Ballarino 52/52
AA: 1st Ashley Mason 51/52
A: 1st Darren Reus 49/50
B: 1st Jim Storch 49/50
C: 1st Tim Fuller 43/50, 2nd Michael Rixon 48/50, 3rd Best Junior
50T Skeet Multi Gauge 28g Championship; O/A: 1st Aiden Donaldson 50/50
AA: 1st Antony Ballarino 52/53
A: 1st Michael Rixon 52/55
B: 1st Clive Oldfield 48/50
C: 1st Tim Fuller 42/50, 2nd Aiden Donaldson 50/50, 3rd Best Junior
50T Skeet Multi Gauge 410g Championship; O/A: 1st Ashley Mason 64/65
AA: 1st Aiden Donaldson 63/65
A: 1st Peter Harris` 45/50
B: 1st Cam Spence 46/50
C: 1st Ray Bourne 36/50, 2nd Aiden Donaldson 49/50, 3rd Best Junior
50T Skeet 12 Gauge; O/A: 1st Craig O'Neill 70/70
AA: 1st Antony Ballarino 69/70
A: 1st Michael Rixon 50/50
B: 1st Cam Spence 49/50
C: 1st Ray Bourne 45/50, 2nd Michael Rixon 50/50, 3rd Best Junior
Overall: Antony Ballarino