Kingaroy Clay Target Club
President: Gary Brown
Secretary: Peter Powne
Treasurer: Robert Horn
QCTA Western Zone
PO Box 276 Kingaroy 4610
Phone Peter 0427 256197 - Clubhouse shoot days 07 4162 5292
Club location - Approx 5km from town on the corner of Goodger and Aerodrome Roads, opposite the south-west corner of the airport
Our club shoots competition on the first Sunday of the month - See Programs for more details
Visitors are welcome - Powered Caravan and Camping sites $10 per night (ACTA Members Only) Phone Col 07 4162 3582
Five DTL layouts with Canterbury Traps and Voice Release
Practice every Wednesday Afternoon at 4.00pm
Kingaroy W/Zone Trap Results July 2014 - here
Commonwealth Trap Results September 2014 - here
QPCTC Annual2 Day Shoot Results September 2015 - here
Queensland Police and Services Results November 2016 - here
Annual Results 2016
Event 1: 30T Medley
Overall: Bruce Powell 75/75
AA: Cameron Dean 72/75, James McIntyre 68/75
A: Bryan Rudd 49/50, Scott Prendergast 48/50
B: Brenda Collins 49/50, Peter Powne 71/75
C: Mark Robertson 47/50, Paul Kirby 86/100
Junior: Tori Powell 46/50
Lady: Lynne Thomson 48/50
Veteran: Greg Kocho 97/100
Event 2: 30T Points
Overall: Steve Kelly 150/150
AA: Gary Brown 149/150, Cameron Brown 92/93
A: Des Richardson 88/90, John Tully 87/90
B: Ethan Duff 87/90, Dylan Brunner 96/102
C: Paul Kirby 83/90, John Chambers 87/96
Junior: Tori Powell 84/90
Lady: Kelly Simpson 88/90
Veteran: Neil Berry 87/90
Event 3: 50T Double Barrel
Overall: Cameron Dean 185/184
AA: Bruce Powell 183/184, Cameron Brown 110/111
A: Bill Wehl 50/51, Rob Clarkson 55/56
B: Donna Barletta 59/60, Cameron McConnell 54/55
C: Matt Daniels 47/50, Paul Kirby 46/50
Junior: Dylan Brunner 106/109
Lady: Lynne Thompson 70/71
Veteran: Barry McDonald 109/111
Event 4: 50T Continental
AA: Kurt Goody 79/80, Ken McGuire 53/54
A: Hugh Cramer 49/50, Bryan Rudd 56/58
B: Ethan Duff 66/68, Will Bradfield 65/68
C: Matt Daniels 48/50, Anthony Mainas 45/50
Junior: Tori Powell 50/54
Lady: Kelly Simpson 55/58
Veteran: Bill Wehl 63/65
Event 5: 30T Handicap
1st: Glen Durre 41/41
2nd: James Cartledge 40/41
3rd: Ken Mc Guire 37/38
4th: Mark Robertson 33/34
5th: Bill Wehl 34/35
Event 6: 15 Pair Double Rise
Overall: Bill Pavy 49/50
AA: Colin Witt 48/50, Tim Williams 47/50
A: Chris Vandal 47/50, Gary Schnieder 27/30
B: Daniel Boyle 27/30, Peter Powne 35/40
C: Brenna Prendergast 37/50, John Chambers 34/50
Junior: Bryan Rudd
Lady: Viv Moore 28/30
Veteran: Neil Berry 37/40
Overall: Bruce Powell 291/300
AA: Cameron Brown 290/300
A: Chris Vandal 308/326
B: Ethan Duff 278/300
C: Matt Daniels 268/300
Junior: Bryan Rudd 278/300
Lady: Kelly Simpson 278/300
Veteran: Paul Hill 285/300
Thank You to Our Sponsors
Bronz Wing Cartridges
CWB Plumbing
Chooks Mini Bobcat Hire
BGA Agri Services
Farmoz & Pioneer Seeds
Ken Anderson Fruit Market
Kingaroy Freight Express
Ranson Timber Company
Thorp's Jewellers
Sunshine Coast Clay Target Club
Queensland Police Clay Target Club
Tingoora Hotel
Yesberg Earthmoving
Sunpack (Swickers)
Ken Mills Toyota
Commercial Hotel
Wooroolin Veterinary Services
Klngaroy Mower Centre
G. N. Crumpton & Sons
Programs for 2017
Sunday 1st January 10.30 am
25T Double Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
2OT Single Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
20T Handicap lst, 2nd, 3rd
20T Points Score AA, A, B, C
2OT Continental AA, A, B, C
Saturday & Sunday 4th &  5th February
AnnualTwo Day Shoot
Sunday 5th March  10.30 am
Yesberg Earthmoving Day
100T Continental AA, A, B, C
Sunday 2nd April 10.30 am
G. N. Crumpton & Sons
(Peanut Processots) Day
30T Medley (DB, SB, PTS) 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Double Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Single Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Pointa Score 15M AA, A, B, C
Sunday 7th May 10.30 am
25T Double Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Points Score 15M AA, A, B , C
25T Handicap 1st, 2nd, 3rd
25 Pair Double Rise 15M AA, A, B, C
Sunday 4th June 10.30 am
Bronze Wing Day
30T Medley AA, A, B, C
25T D/Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Points AA, A, B, C
25T Continental AA, A, B, C
Sunday 2nd July 10.30 am
Kingaroy Freight Express Day
100T Continental AA, A, B, C
Sunday 6th August 10.30 am
Ken Mills Toyota Day
100T Double Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
Sunday 3rd September 10.30 am
25T Double Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Single Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Points 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Continental 15M AA, A, B, C
Satursay 16th  & Sunday 17th September
Annual QPCTC 2 Day Trap see poster
Sunday 1st October 10.30 am
Wooroolin Veterinary Services Day
25T Double Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Single Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Handicap (Cowandilla Cup) 1st, 2nd, 3rd
25T Continental 15M AA, A, B, C
Sunday 5th November 10.30 am
Klngaroy Mower Centre Day
25T Double Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Points Score 15M AA, A, B, C
25T Single Barrel 15M AA, A, B, C
Neale Tessman Memorial
25 Pair Double Rise 15M AA, A, B, C
Saturday 2nd December 1.00 pm
Klngaroy Clay Target Club Day
Sunday 3rd December 10.30 am
Christmas Shoot
Commlttee reserves the right to alter programs
Minimum of 3 Shooter Per Grade
Results 4th June 2017
Event 1: 30T Medley
C: 1st Max Behm 42/50
2nd John Robinson 39/50
B: 1st Lachie Crawford 29/50
2nd Peter O'Hanlan 27/50
A: 1st John Tully 71/75
2nd Greg Kocho 68/75
AA: 1st Mike Stewart 49/50
2nd Paul Clarkson 48/50
Event 2: 25T Double Barrel
C: 1st Kev Knight 21/25
2nd John Robinson 20/25
B: 1st Lachie Crawford 24/25
2nd Peter O'Hanlan 18/25
A: 1st Stanley Galagher 26/27
2nd Frank Robinson 25/27
AA: 1st Mike Stewart 26/26
2nd Mal Rankin 25/26
Event 3: 25T Points Score
C: 1st Kev Knight 68/75
2nd Desmond Mitchell 65/75
B: 1st Lachie Crawford 51/75
2nd Peter O'Hanlan 48/75
A: 1st John Tully 75/75
2nd Rob Horn 74/81
AA: 1st Mal Rankin 74/75
2nd Cameron Brown 75/78
Event 4: 25T Continental
C: 1st John Robinson 20/25
2nd Kev Knight 19/25
B: 1st Lachie Crawford 22/25
2nd Peter O'Hanlan 20/25
A: 1st John Tully 25/26
2nd Rob Horn 24/26
AA:1st Peter Macdonald 25/25
2nd Gary Brown 37/38
High Gun
Overall: John Tully 169/175
C: Kev Knight 142/175
B: Lachie Crawford 126/175
A: Rob Horn 160/175
AA: Cameron Brown 166/17
Results 6th August 2017
100T Double Barrel
Overall: B Pavy 171/172
AA: S Prendergast 98/100
M Rankin 96/100
R Rackermann 95/100
A: G Kocho 170/172
G Schneider 97/105
J Tully 96/105
B: R Kennedy 94/100
D Harwood 90/100
L Crawford 87/100
C: S Lee 88/100
C Kenny 83/100
N Glover 82/100