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20th May 2
017 Results Western Zone Trench Championships
It was a great day with 21 shooters from 6 clubs Well done to everyone who attended the day
It was great to see a few new shooters having a go
Results for the day and Western Zone Teams:
Overall: Steph Pile
A Grade- Rod Woodrow, B Grade- Brett Pile, C Grade- Viv Moor
Junior- Brayden McKee
Open Team
1. Brett Pile 2. Rod Woodrow 3. Mal Collins 4. Geoff Moore, 5. Clayton Cusack
6. Dean Cuscack
1st Reserve- Richard Morrison
Ladies Team
1. Steph Pile, 2. Viv Moore, 3. Nicky Robertson, 1st Reserve- Jill Moore
Junior Team
1. Steph Pile, 2. Brayden McKee, 3. Lockie Broom
Veteran Team
1. Mal Collins, 2. Geoff Scott, 3. Jeff Ferrier
Western Zone Surat Annual Trap Carnival Results
28th & 29th July 2018
Fine, Showers - 116 Shooters
50T Single Barrel; Overall: Brett Pile 50/50
AA: 1st Mark Robertson 49/50, 2nd Jessica Harris 62/64, 3rd Gareth Graham 61/64
A: 1st Lee Bland 48/50, 2nd Allan Ford 53/55, 3rd Eddie Mills 49/55
B: 1st Ian Johnston 45/50, 2nd Mike Davis 44/50, 3rd Rohan Jamieson 46/53
C: 1st Craig Richards 42/51, 2nd Aaron Goodman 41/51,3rd Miranda Neylon 40/50
Lady: 1st Jill Moore 48/50, Junior: 1st Breanna Collins 48/50 Veteran: 1st Ray Christie 45/50
50T Double Barrel; Overall: Jessica Harris 125/125
Sponsored by Madmac Toy Vault
AA: 1st Greg Kocho 124/125 2nd Danny Green 101/102, 3rd Sean Beckmann 90/91
A: 1st Guy McPherson 50/50, 2nd Frank Ewan 49/50, 3rd Bill Allan 59/61
B: 1st Phillip Nass 50/50, 2nd Erin Guy 54/55, 3rd Nic Reynolds 53/55
C: 1st Craig Reynolds 48/50, 2nd Corey Fullerton 47/50, 3rd Trent Twidale 46/51
Lady: 1st Viv Moore 49/50, Junior: 1st Brayden McKee 50/52, Veteran: 1st Stuart Boydell 62/64
25T Handicap; 1st Jane Kirby 28/28
2nd Ian Johnston 29/30, 3rd Corie Pukallus 28/30, 4th Ian McLaren 25/25
5th Craig Richards 39/40, 6th Mary Ann Easton 38/40
50T Point Score; Overall: Darryl Stevens 155/156
AA: 1st Jill Moore 152/156, 2nd Brett Pile 169/171, 3rd David Robb 166/171
A: 1st Alan Ford 145/150, 2nd Ronnie Forsyth 141/150, 3rd Allan Pack 140/150
B: 1st Craig Ingleton 146/156, 2nd Patrick Magee 144/156, 3rd Pat Saunders 146/156
C: 1st Craig Richards 127/150, 2nd Cory Fullerton 126/150, 3rd Corie Pukallus 130/156
Lady: 1st Brenda Collins 145/150, Junior: 1st Brayden McKee 144/150, Veteran: 1st Col Gurski 148/150
15 Pair Double Rise; Overall: Darryl Stevens 29/30
AA: 1st Richard Morrison 38/40, 2nd Byron Hewitt 34/40, 3rd Tony Fett 37/40
A: 1st Hugh Cameron 26/30, 2nd Robert Baxter 26/30, 3rd Kylie Green 33/40
B: 1st Phillip Nass 28/30, 2nd Pat Saunders 33/40, 3rd Lockie Broom 31/40
C: 1st Corie Pukallus 31/40, 2nd Brett Fullerton 29/40, 3rd Craig Richards 22/30
Overall: Brett Pile 296/305
AA: Darryl Stevens 292/305
A: Allan Ford 279/305
B: Phillip Nass 281/305
C: Craig Richards 262/305
Ladies: Jill Moore 291/305
Junior: Sean Beckmann 290/305
Veteran: Bill Wehl 285/305
Team High Gun - Brett Pile 247/250
Open Teams
Brett Pile, Jill Moore, David Robb, Nathan McKee
Mark Robertson, Geoff Moore
Ladies: Jess Harris, Viv Moore, Brenda Collins
Juniors: Sean Beckmann, Brayden McKee, Jack Bischoff
Veteran: Greg Koch, Bill Wehl, Allan Pack
Western Zone Open Team won the team event at the State shoot in Townsville 2018
Ladies QCTA State High Gun Jill Moore 2018
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Accredited Coaches
Paul Rollings L1-Robert Nugent L1-Rodney Woodrow L2
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Western Zone Junior Team (Jack Bishop absent)
won the team event at the State shoot in Townsville 2018
Western Zone Team for the State Trap Townsville 2018
The Qld Ladies Team from 2018 ISSF Trap Nationals (all from Western Zone!) Stephanie Pile Jessica Harris, and Viv Moore. Echuca, Victoria Janruary 2018