QCTA Western Zone
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3rd Saturday 1.00pm
5km from Surat
 Glenmorgan Road
Opposite wheat storage
Geoff Moore
Mobile 0427 265505
Viv Moore
25 Charles St Surat 4417
Mobile 0427 265600
Viv Moore 
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2018 Programs - click here
Viv Moore 0427 265600
Jeff Ferrier 07 4626 5482
Duncan Ferrier 0428 265162
Western Zone Surat Trench Championships Results 2017 - here
State Mixed Tarqet Championships
21st April 2018
Western Zone Trench Championships
16th June 2018
Western Zone Trap Championships
28th & 29th July 2018
Geoff Moore AA grade High Gun - Viv Moore Ladies High Gun - Duncon Ferrier B grade High Gun at Condamine Annual Shoot January 2014
Ball Trap
Surat Ball Trap
Surat Ball Trap
Surat Auto Trench Installation
Annual Results May 2011
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2016 Photos
Results 21-10-2017
100 Target Point Score
Overcast - Very Windy
18 total shooters, representing Surat & St George Clay Target Clubs
Overall winner: Viv Moore 288/300
AA grade: Geoff Moore 293/306
(after a shoot off with Brayden McKee when both scored 287/300)
A grade: Stuart Mackenzie 270/300
B grade: Paul Kirby 272/300
C grade: Ian Dries 248/300
Results 18-11-2017
Overall: Viv Moore 215/225
AA: 1st: Geoff Moore 214/225
AA: 2nd: Jill Moore 194/225
A: 1st: Will Bradfield 199/225
A: 2nd: Stuart Mackenzie 196/225
B: 1st: Paul Kirby 200/225
B: 2nd: Mike Davies 187/225
C: 1st: Leslie Mackenzie 173/225
C: 2nd: Jane Kirby 154/225
Photos 2016